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Project Description


Chandler was one of the first communities in the nation to participate in the STAR Community Rating System and receive a sustainability rating based on economic, environmental, and social performance indicators. Though it scored well on community water systems, waste minimization and business retention and development, overall Chandler received a 3-STAR rating on a scale of 3 to 5 in 2014.

We’re excited to work with city officials and staff, local residents, schools and businesses to support cutting-edge, project-based sustainability solutions and make Chandler a 5-STAR worthy community. Through civic engagement, collaboration and education, we’re striving to help Chandler address climate change, protect the natural systems its residents and economy depend on, and create more livable, walkable and sustainable communities.

Current efforts include:
1. Building partnerships with local government, businesses, schools and organizations involved or interested in sustainability.
2. Engaging Chandler residents in defining suitable sustainability projects that meet their needs and desires.
3. Developing funding strategies.

Cities Engaged
City Priorities

Current and Planned Projects

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