Tempe Renewable Energy Target – We need you @ City Council!

by Lauren Kuby


This Thursday, August 10th there will be a Tempe City Council work study session where AZSA is going to be supporting the establishment of a working group to consider an enhanced renewable energy goal for city operations. We really need you there to support this effort! 


You can RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1292246764217462  


Here is the information on the Committee:


CITY COUNCIL COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE (COW)         Meeting Date: August 10th

New Item for Review and Consideration                                                           


Agenda Item:



Issue Description: Municipal Renewable Energy Target


Presented by: Mayor Mark Mitchell and Councilmember Lauren Kuby


What are you looking to accomplish?

We seek to establish a Working Group to examine the City of Tempe’s current renewable energy target, and look at the potential for a new target for municipal energy.


The Working Group will meet four times over the span of a few months. Each meeting will be dedicated to a specific part of the target setting process:

·       Meeting One: Assessment

This meeting will focus on assessing Tempe’s current renewable energy production numbers and encourage a discussion on the values that the City wishes to consider when purchasing renewable energy (i.e. financial responsibility, social justice, public health, and air quality). The assessment meeting will also include reviewing other comparable cities current goals and baseline for municipal energy.

·       Meeting Two: Strategies

Members will learn about the strategies taken by other cities that have either achieved 100% renewable or are well on their way to doing so. Additionally, this meeting will highlight other available strategies and conditions and state policies that enable city energy strategies and end with a discussion of how Tempe can improve renewable energy percentage (mixed, solar, hydro, wind). Examples mentioned will include Burlington, VT, Las Vegas, NV, and Georgetown, TX, all of which have recently achieved 100% renewable energy using different strategies.

·       Meeting Three: Targets

Highlight the seven priorities to keep in mind when setting an 100% renewable energy target and look at how other cities set their targets according to their specific conditions. The meeting will end with a discussion of the different target options available to Tempe.

·       Meeting Four: Policy Recommendation

In this final meeting, members will review target and strategy options and create a recommendation on the municipal renewable energy target to be adopted by Council.


Background Information: In 2015 the City Council set the renewable energy target of 20% by 2025. Currently the city is at 10%, which suggests that a higher target could be set. Moreover in 2016, through the Global Covenant of Energy and Climate, the City committed to creating a Climate Action Plan (CAP). Today, With the CAP process under way, the City of Tempe has the opportunity to re-examine its current renewable energy target for municipal energy, which is one of the integral parts of any CAP. Having the City Council discuss the possibility of a new target is appropriate and important because by setting a new renewable energy target, Tempe demonstrates that, despite the federal government’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, that continues to be committed a sustainable future.


What stakeholders should be engaged with this process? Councilmembers, Public Works staff, APS and SRP representatives, ASU, Sustainability Commission, and the Office of Sustainability.


Anticipated Timeframe and Staff Resources: Four work group meetings with 20-30 hours of estimated staff time from Public Works and the Office of Sustainability.