Weekly Update: Solar Energy Section
by Justine E. Miller

The Solar Energy Section is continuing to develop organizationally as we head into next week.  Keep an eye out for a calendar invite Monday describing the date and time for our next meeting.  I’m in the process of trouble shooting the remote attendance options.  Since our next meeting is an Idea Inventory Session, the remote participants will also have a group chat set up as a route  to send their thoughts and opinions.  This will help ensure those comments are included and not lost in the in-person conversations.

The Tempe City Council is having a meeting on Thursday, August 10th that will include a vote on the formation of the work group briefly mentioned at last week’s meeting.  The work group–if approved–will be tasked with developing an “enhanced renewable energy goal” for city operations.  We have been asked by Council Woman Kuby to attend the meeting to show our support for the initiative.  Anyone that has time please attend!  Ashley has sent a Facebook event for it; I’ll also send a gmail calendar invite to the solar team Monday.
Huge thanks to everyone for their enduring energy and excitement as we continue to build our group.  I’ve received may emails with ideas, productive questions, thoughtful dissent, and useful suggestions; please keep them coming! The benefit I’ve already seen lends to the old axiom:
In essentials unity, in action freedom, and in all things trust.  Trust requires that dissent come out in the open.