We are a nonprofit action and advocacy alliance who aims to create and support cutting-edge, project-based sustainability solutions in Arizona through civic engagement, collaboration, and education. We empower Arizona citizens to work together toward more verdant, equitable, and sustainable communities.


We provide help to a number of Arizona cities by cleaning up our local parks, planting trees, refreshing and repairing existing community garden beds, and much more. We provide these services because we recognize that sustainability is the core of continued improvement of the lives of Arizonans and the protection of the state’s natural resources.

Advisory Board

Rana Lashgari
Rana LashgariAdvisory Board Member
Arizona Municipal Strategies, LLC
Lisa Kelley
Lisa KelleyAdvisory Board Member
Managing Director
Floating Interest Corporation
Michael Hwang
Michael HwangAdvisory Board Member
Mara DeFilippis
Mara DeFilippisAdvisory Board Member
Bill Zint
Bill ZintAdvisory Board Member
Senior Program Manager
KBR, Inc.
Nehal Shah
Nehal ShahAdvisory Board Member
Principal Program Manager
Enterprise Risk Management
ON Semiconductor
Bruce Weber
Bruce WeberAdvisory Board Member
Weber Group
Varun Thakkar
Varun ThakkarAdvisory Board Member
Senior Analyst – Electric Vehicles
CLEAResult Consulting