Ironwood Blossoms by Pattey Taylor

Photo by Pattey Taylor

We are excited to announce a new campaign to raise funds for trees to be planted in the downtown area of Apache Junction. This initiative has been stalled for nearly nine years after outside funding for the approved beautification project was cut. In partnership with the City of Apache Junction and the Apache Junction Community Development Corporation, we plan to raise funds for the first 26 trees in the next three weeks.

For the citizens of Apache Junction, the addition of trees in the median along the Apache Trail will offer shade and improved walkability around the business corridor, encouraging economic development. Drought-resistant trees and vegetation will slow down erosion of the soil, which benefits the tax-payers with less frequent soil grading. 

For the sustainability advocates out there, drought-resistant trees reduce the carbon footprint and the heat island effect in the area.

Three ways to get involved:

  1. Donate: Donations from the community will allow us to purchase trees needed for the project. Donate today!
  2. Volunteer for planting day: We would love to have your help to plant trees on October 26. Sign up for email updates to be notified of the upcoming details.
  3. Share: We need your help to spread the word! Share the campaign with your friends and family who share your passion for sustainability.