AZSA Monthly Member Meeting

February 24, 2018, 2:00pm


Meeting Minutes

You can view a video of the meeting here.

Priority Leader Updates

Sustainability Education:
Stephanie Milam-Edwards,

  • Program similar to Art Masterpiece that is currently in Tempe Schools
  • Developing activities and lessons on sustainability – 1 hour lessons during the school day
    • Have curriculum map
    • Need to develop lessons to fit into the curriculum
    • Looking for permission to use existing lessons from SRP, Project WET from Nature Conservancy
  • Possibly adapting this into an after-school program
    • Would pay for itself
    • May be easier to implement

Renewable Energy:
Karen Contos,

  • Voter registration for SRP board elections
    • Done three tabling events
    • One event Sunday, Feb. 25
    • Social media outreach
    • Flyers available to take
  • SRP currently uses less than 1% solar to generate electricity
    • Some candidates are pro-renewable energy
    • We want voter participation
    • You must register to vote, and be a landowner in a specific zone
    • SRP could change this zone, or state legislation
  • SRP Website for information on voting zones and to register to vote
  • March 11, 1:00-3:00 Meeting at the Tempe Public Library
James Brucker,

  • Goals – remove invasive plant species, reintroduce native plants, trail maintenance, removing trash,
  • Two parks –  Rio Salado in Tempe, North Mountain in Phoenix
  • Good way to meet other volunteers
  • Connected with Urban Forestry
    • Phoenix and Tempe are looking to increase their tree cover
    • Working with HOA, homeowners to plant and take care of trees
    • Looking for neighborhoods to partner with
    • Focus on native, low-water usage plants
    • Did a tree planting a few weeks ago that involved planting cacti
  • Tools – now have an account with the Phoenix Tool Bank
    • Any priority area can use these – contact James
  • Next Park Clean Up
Sustainable Food Systems:
Lupemaria Beal,

  • Tower Gardens in the Schools
    • Kids are really excited about the tower and the harvest
  • Working with Syrian Refuge families
    • Permaculture in their back or front yards
    • Happening within the next month or so
  • Promote plant-based eating
    • Talking with Mesa Priority area
    • Plant-based evening – education, food, community
  • Tabling at the ASU School of Sustainability event
  • Next meeting – March 15, 6:00, location TBD
    • Will be posted on facebook and the website

Sustainable Business:
Sal Kohgadai,

  • Met with Local First, a non-profit that works with local businesses
    • Started a sustainability certification that AZSA will be helping to develop
  • Next Meeting – March 13, 6:00pm

City of Mesa:
Allison Boley,

  • Won a $25,000 grant from State Farm to install energy efficient windows in low-income neighborhoods
    • Working on implementation

Victor Pereyra,

  • Held a forum on sustainability for the Tempe City Council candidates
    • Will be holding forums for other cities as well

City of Tempe:
Jeff Grout,

  • Current focus is solar
  • Tempe is in the process of passing a 100% renewable energy goal
  • City has an innovation fund that we could apply for – new ideas are welcome


  • Not currently a priority, but we’re hoping to make it one
  • Senator McCain, ASU Foundation, and other entities are looking at restoring the area around Rio Salado from Buckeye to Mesa
    • AZSA would like to play a role in this process
    • Currently at the very beginning of thinking through the process

Questions and Information:

  • Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona – AZSA will look into what kind of role it can play
  • ASU School of Sustainability – Climate Resiliency Workshops – public is invited

Details here