by Aubrey Urban

Once again, we welcomed new team members this week! We had a very productive meeting and are developing strategies for getting involved in urban forestry projects, focusing on working with Ashley Camhi on Tempe’s right now. We are also developing strategies for bringing Inconvenient Sequel to a screening near you! We have also had quite a couple of volunteers step up and start doing research for future projects.

We also welcomed Sheila Scanlan back from her training with the Climate Reality Project, as well as a new member from the training, Tori. Sheila and Tori are now certified to give these presentations using the official Climate Reality Project’s slides and data and Sheila gave us a little taste with the 10 min version of the presentation. We are going to be putting together a strategy for bringing this presentation to Arizona and Sheila will be presenting at the next AZSA monthly meeting.

If you would like to sign Sierra Club’s letter to Governor Ducey, here it is!