Leadership Update
January 24, 2019
by Aubrey Coffey-Urban, Programs Manager


Live From The Field!


After a very busy Giving Season full of special email updates and blog posts, we are returning to our regularly-scheduled weekly updates from our Priority Leaders. Thank you to all who donated during this important fundraising time!

However, during that time we were doing more than fundraising. As you’ll see in the coming weeks, we have been working on expanding past projects, creating all new ones, and working in more cities and communities than before! With so many new projects going on and so many new people wanting to be involved, we have decided to hold monthly Volunteer Orientations. At these Orientations, you can hear AZSA leadership talk about various projects and volunteer opportunities and have individual meetings with those leaders to talk about what you might be interested in. You can also meet fellow AZSA-ers and get to know each other. Our next Volunteer Orientation will be on February 23 at 2pm at the Tempe Public Library. Whether you’re new to AZSA or you are thinking about joining, come out and see us!  For more information, visit the  AZSA Events Calendar and to RSVP, email Keith Bujak.