Leadership Update
September 27, 2018
by Aubrey Coffey-Urban, Acting Executive Director
In the past couple of weeks, I have had so many opportunities to answer the question “Why do you volunteer with AZSA?” This has given me a chance to reflect on the way my answer has actually changed over the past year.

When I first got involved, I was just so frustrated with so many things, but it all boiled down to “I’m not waiting anymore.” No more excuses or delays or obstacles to getting to do the environmental work I’d always dreamed of doing. AZSA is about doing innovative, on-the-ground projects that affect change in our communities and I really needed that kind of tangible engagement in my life. And I used it to get away from all the frustration I was feeling.

But now, I keep coming back because of much more “positive” emotions. The joy I have from seeing projects implemented. The sense of achievement I have when I learn something new. Each step has it’s own successes and failures. The successes are amazing, but learning from the failures is too. I have learned more since joining this organization than I ever thought possible. And I get to see so many other people learn, grow, and succeed, and to help them do so when I can. I have so much fun volunteering with AZSA, and I hope you do too.