Renewable Energy
David Slater and Jim Moule
  • Good evening AZSA members. We had a great meeting this morning for the renewable energy priority. We’d like to try to get more members in so this will require some scheduling to work around. If you’re interested in joining the group, please submit your response to the survey (link below) for the best time(s) for you. There are time slots to choose from, 3 on Saturdays, and 3 on Sundays. The survey will be closed on Thursday October 19 at 11:59pm.
  • The group went through the renewable energy priority strategy draft proposal. There were a couple of recommendations to add some sections, but we are close to finalizing it. The rough draft has been sent to the members present today for further reviews. The deadline is this Wednesday for it to be submitted. The strategy will be sent to the board by Sunday October 22 for review.
  • The renewable energy priority is looking for a Communication Lead. This person would be responsible for taking meeting minutes, logging action items, and keeping time.
  • The previous path of brainstorming for project ideas has been put on hold. With the group being so new, we are going to concentrate efforts on existing projects from existing grants and collaboration to “get the bird off the ground”. This will be directed by available grants that are listed in AZSA’s grant page link. The ideas will be logged for future consideration.
  • It was recommended that a training session take place to teach priority leads and/or members on the grant proposal process.
AZSA is working with the Tempe renewable energy working group to help them to get to 100% renewable energy. We are presenting to them at their first meeting on October 31st. It would be great to have more input from others!
We are also supporting the SRP board elections and finalizing our strategy. Look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.