by Lindsey Marie Corsack

The RE priority has been making big steps! We have successfully rolled out our Renewable Energy Recreation program. Our first city we are working with is Phoenix. Our plan is to create a light-up playground that is powered by sustainable energy. This will educate the public on renewable energy, create a sense of place through community engagement, and beautify the community while encouraging interaction and physical activity. We are looking for grant writers for this project. 

We are also happy to announce that we have made progress on designing a solar installation for Maya’s Farm. In the future we will be looking for people to help install the solar panels. We are also looking for grant writers and people to help fundraise for this project (such as finding donations from solar companies).

A future project we would like to do is a fundraising event that involves fitness and energy. We are looking for an event planner to coordinate this project.

Our next meeting will be March 26th at 6 pm at the Tempe Public Library.