by Jim Moule

The Renewable Energy Priority workgroup met on 1/14. We discussed the restrictions on a 501(c)3 non-profit organizations regarding endorsing political candidates. We reviewed and edited the content for a flyer and Facebook page to instruct SRP customers on how to register and vote in the SRP Board of Directors elections. The discussion centered around the message that AZSA wanted to communicate. We discussed our conversations with other non-profit environmental organizations on collaborating to educate the public on voting in SRP Board of Director elections.

AZSA continues to participate on the City of Tempe workgroup studying how to best plan for the City of Tempe to be on 100% renewable energy. The City of Tempe will be holding a public meeting on their 100% Renewable Energy plan at the Tempe public library at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, January 17th.

AZSA continues to work with other cities in the “Valley of the Sun” to transition to clean renewable energy.