by Chris Ammon

The Sustainable Business team will be holding its second team meeting, please look at the AzSA Facebook page for details.
First, I’d like to take a moment to express my appreciation to Arlinda, Justine, Reza, and Sal for joining the group. I believe that your talents and ability will greatly enhance our efforts. Secondly, Jeff has worked hard to make connections in Chandler and will soon be writing up a few articles on sustainable businesses. Third, Naveem has done an impressive job with building our industrial breakdown of major corporations working in Arizona. This work could always use good tech-savvy, business-minded team members to advance the development of the platform to help guide our conversations with major corporations to compliment their positive efforts and provide suggestions into best practices for reducing costs for their corporation. We will also bring into this analysis additional regulatory violates which is located in DEQ. With Justine’s legal expertise, we will be able to provide some value-added information for the corporation’s sustainability officers to consider.
In my humble opinion, we have the best team in AZSA. That is why I am in the process of identifying a co-priority lead to ensure that we have a clear strategic plan, target objectives which include the requirements to achieve our deadlines. This will help us to explain our work to those we partner with and help us to stay motivated towards realizing our shared goals.
I sincerely appreciate everyone’s efforts and I know that we are advancing sustainability for a better tomorrow.