Sustainable Business


Date:    September 17, 2017

Time: 10:30am to 12:00pm


Future Meeting:                       Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Time:                           10:00am to 11:30am

Location:                     Hanover Mill, Allo Room, 101st W 5th Street, Tempe AZ


Attendees: • Chris Ammon • Sal Kohgadai • David Slater • Carl Parrish • Justine Elizabeth


Meeting Agenda:

1.     Revisit “Lessons Learned: from Organic Farming in Arizona Panel

2.     Discuss the panel creation process flow and revise (if needed)

3.     Discuss and agree on next panel discussion

a.      Define the preliminary scope to submit to board for “yellow light” approval

4.     Agree “on deck” panel discussion.


• First panel discussion has been complete


1.     Organic Farming in Arizona Lessons Learned
• Chris didn’t like his introduction
• Didn’t have ethos of discussion
• Didn’t have clear introduction of panelists
• Wasn’t introduction to panelists and why they’re the experts
• Need warm hand-off
• Panel owner will introduce the moderator and what AZSA is.
• Moderator introduce each speaker and their bio
• First 15 minutes will be panelists introducing themselves

Body and Content
• Couldn’t hear very well. Do sound check before going into discussion.
• Need to have moderator referee topics if they don’t stay consistent w/ discussion topic.
• Have a window of time for people to order their food that way their isn’t any chaos during discussion. Half hour before discussion begins.
• [Justine] Can we have vendors present who are wanting to advertise their products? [Chris] that will need to be approved by the board.
• Have speakers show up half hour early.
• Have a mic specifically for questions, moderator, and panelists
• Moderator to ask questions to provide value to audience. What can audience do to align with topic at home?
• If any acronyms come up, moderator is to make sure panelists defines it
• Need to have a time keeper in the back, notifying moderator and panelists of how much time is remaining.

• Moderator states how much time is available for questions
• Have topics to cover questions (Example: What questions do you have about how the panelists do this?)

Multimedia Supplement
• Could’ve tapped more into sustainability food systems
• What if we had fliers for the next event
• Have a pamphlet kind of like a play.
• Have social media information (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
• On Instagram, if you post a picture, add a #AZSA and #Event. Have Instagram handle on poster as well. Ask if whoever’s hosting the event if they have a specific handle as well.
• Need to make sure if there is an interview with a member from the media, their answers align with the organization.
• Have a media person available in panels for a consistent voice.
• See if Reyna has any specific templates for fliers we can use.


Next Panel Discussion:
Residential Housing
•• David will volunteer for windows and doors
•• Could discuss homemade power walls for existing power walls, could have someone come in from Solar City.
•• David to get ahold of professor to possibly be a moderator
• •Tankless water heater.
•• Will need to offer low-tech solutions.
•• Carl Parrish will be moderator of residential housing.
•• Sal will set up Slack conversation for group discussion.

Transportation will be on deck after residential housing.
• If businesses advertise carpooling, they will get a tax write-off.


Action Items:

[David Slater] to get ahold of professor to possibly be a moderator in residential housing

[Carl Parrish] to be moderator of residential housing.

[Sal Kohgadai] will set up Slack conversation for group discussion.

[David Slater] to complete panel discussion write-up with lessons learned