by Chris Ammon

The Sustainable Business Team has selected the theme of our next panel discussion, “Capitalizing on Sustainability for Residential Housing.” This discussion will be on either Tuesday, November 14th or Wednesday, November 15th. The panel will be moderated by Carl Parrish and managed by Sal Kohgadai and Jim Moule.
Thus far, we have been able to identify two of the three panelist positions: solar energy and energy efficient windows. The third has not yet been selected; however, we are leaning towards wastewater and grey water management. The energy efficient windows will be our own, David Slater.
We will be collaborating with Allison Boley, AZSA’s Mesa Liaison, and Aubrey Coffey, AZSA’s Climate Change Lead.
Upon completion of the November panel discussion, we have tentatively identified Financial Services as the general topic for January.
Anyone interested in being apart of the group may contact Sal ( or myself (
Looking forward to connecting if you’re interested in participating in our work.