On Tuesday, September 12th Arizona Sustainability Alliance will have its first panel discussion for Sustainability Business team. This will be at 24 Carrots Juice Bar and Cafe. We hope that all who are interested will be able to attend. For those interested in joining a team and they are still on the fence, we could like to offer an option. The business team is looking to recruit volunteers who have marketing, recruitment, and strategic planning expertise. There are many initiatives which will require such skills and if you are interested, please review our meeting notes from our last meeting.


If you want to follow-up with us to learn more, please connect with Chris Ammon (chris.ammon@azsustainabilityalliance.com or Sal Kohgadai (Fkogadai@outlook.com).


Thank you in advance for your time and interest.


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Sustainable Business


Date:    Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

Time:   10:00am to 11:30am

Future Meeting:           Sunday, September 17th, 2017

Time:                           10:00am to 11:30am

Location:                     Hanover Mill, Allo Room, 101 W. 5th Street, Tempe Arizona


Attendees: • Chris Ammon • Sal Kohgadai • David Slater • Jocelyn Zhu • Jeff Sussman • Carl Parrish


Meeting Agenda

1.     Current Panel Discussion: Organic Farming in Arizona

2.     Future Panel Discussion: TBD

3.     Interview: ReNature


Subactivities of Agenda

1.     Panel Discussion: Organic Farming in Arizona—September 12th @ 24 Carrots Juice Bar

a.     Joan Baron, “Real Food in Real Bowls”

b.     1 bowl as a gift and she starts attending the meetings

c.     (Issue 1-Marketing Approval Process) Marketing Approval Process: All marketing pieces must go through group approval. 48 hour time period for approval.

d.     (Issue 2-Surveys) [Chris] would like to have surveys for both the attendees and volunteers at the end of each panel to improve future panels.

2.     Future Panel Discussion

Potential topics:

a.     Residential housing;

b.     transport and logistics;

c.     financial service;

d.     smart technologies; and,

e.     hydro/aeropaunics


Outcome: Residential Housing and Smart Technology

f.      Panelists: David Slater’s Professor—ASU Engineering, Scott Gates—Western Windows, TBD–First Solar


Next Steps

·       Advertise for Organic Farming in Arizona

o    Advertising for the event (Jocelyn, Chris)

o    Complete surveys for the event (Carl)

o    Coordinate with the panelists and 24 Carrots (Jeff)

·       Begin Preparing for Future Panel Discussions

o    Create Process Document (David, Sal, Chris)

o    Design panel for the future questions for Residential Housing and Smart Technology (Entire Team)

o    Begin connecting with future panelists. Invite after we complete the proposal for the project. (David, Sal, Chris)

o    During meeting, create project proposal for reviewing the Residential Housing and Smart Technology panel discussion (Entire Team)

·       Interviews

o    Discussion on the next interview proposed by Jeff and Jocelyn

o    Standardize format for reporting interviews on blogs