by Chris Ammon

The Sustainable Business team continues to grow and clarify its objectives.

Welcome Jocelyn, Sal, and Crystal to the team.
Jocelyn is excited to contribute with interviewing sustainable businesses alongside with Jeff Sussman. She made suggestions a few technological twists to expand the audience articles. Sal brings executive leadership experience to the team and will serve as an advisor. With his expertise, he might find himself contributing his talent and expertise to other teams as AzSA continues to grow. Thank you, David Slater, for introducing Crystal Perez to our team. We will have opportunities to use her talents in the coming month.

Special thanks to Jeff Sussman for his insightful article on Greenhouse Gardeners last week. In the coming months, Jeff will have interviews with 24 Carrots, Singh Meadows, and the Queen Creek Olive Mill. The next article on the docket will be on 24 Carrots with Sasha Rajagopalan with perhaps a few special guests.

Thank you all for the hard work.