by Aubrey Coffey-Urban

After our first tree planting in April, we are moving forward to plan and develop our new projects moving forward! Our new co-lead, Andrew Pisher, has been developing an idea for a nursery that would support children in not only learning about trees and nature, but also learning in a way that supports their mental health. We have done one grant application for that project so far and are research other possible funding sources.

Aubrey presented at the May HOA meeting for North Tempe Neighborhood Association about doing a tree planting for residents there sometime in the fall or winter of this year. After a wonderful discussion, we have decided to help them in efforts to describe the project to the residents and request feedback from them regarding whether they would be interested in such a project. Those efforts will continue for the next couple of months and we will reassess in August when we have more information on whether the residents are interested and what their challenges are that we need to address.

Our next meeting is May 29 at 6:30pm at the Southeast Regional Library, Study room 3. We will be discussing development of these projects and more. Please come join us if you are interested in helping out!