by Aubrey Coffey-Urban

Exciting news! We have a site location for our first tree planting! It is at a private school in Tempe and we are scheduled for an event on April 28, 2018. This will be our inaugural event for our Tempe urban forestry program. Unfortunately, we did not receive the additional funding from Vitalyst. However, with the size of the site, we will be able to complete this initial project solely with the grant we received from International Paper. The City of Tempe has expressed their support of the project, as have many other parties we will partner with for this event.
There are a lot of details to finish up in the planning, so please let me know if you have time to help out with that. Additionally, please let me or Ashley Camhi know if you would like to come on the day of the event to help plant trees and to help run the event!