by Aubrey Coffey-Urban

Our Urban Forestry team has been hard at work planning a tree planting in Apache Junction for this fall. Originally, the City asked us to plant 100 trees! Instead of trying to do them all at once, however, we have decided to do several plantings in stages. This fall, we’ll start with 20-25 trees in one of the medians and based on that experience, decide when/how the rest of the trees will be planted in the coming years.

We have also been very busy engaging with potential partners and funders for our ALPHA Nursery project. It’s been a long project development, but we are still making progress. All of our conversations with various potential partners have really added a lot of depth to our original project design and we are excited about the direction we’re heading in!

If you are interested in working on any of these projects, please contact Paul Tesarak or Brett Baker, our Urban Forestry Priority co-leads.