by Aubrey Coffey-Urban

On July 21, we had a great meeting about all of our urban forestry projects. We are actively pursuing projects in Guadalupe, Tempe, and Apache Junction and hope to continue expanding this program. In Guadalupe, we have not heard back yet from the property owner at the first site we are considering for a project, but we hope to hear back soon. In Apache Junction, we have met with the City and are working on developing plans for a few projects going into the future, but are focusing on seeing if there is a project we could do out there this fall. In Tempe, we are continuing to work with the North Tempe Neighborhood Association to see what their residents might be interested in doing.

Aside from our tree plantings, we are continuing to look for funding for our ALPHA Nursery project, which would provide an urban forest and an outdoor classroom for local schools to participate in the curriculum at the Nursery. As we look for funding, Andrew continues to develop important relationships to establish this project.

Please reach out to me or Andrew if you would like to work on any of these projects with us!