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by Tearsa Saffell
Southwest VegFest is on Sunday November 19, from 10 am – 5 pm at Steele Indian School Park. AZSA will be hosting a booth where we will be featuring the Lexicon of Sustainability, a beautiful art pop up show that communicates sustainability issues and solutions relating to food, farming, water and energy.  We are in the process of applying to be curators of this art show,  and act as a “lending library” to groups who wish to share it as well. Until then, Mr. Greg Peterson has kindly lent us his show to display at this event.  It is definitely worth checking out:
Volunteer positions are still open for the SW VegFest, sign up here:
Volunteers are needed for two hour shifts and will be informing people about the art pop up show and how it relates to our mission at AZSA.
If you are interested in attending future Sustainable Food Systems meetings please e-mail Tearsa Saffell at so you can be included in our doodle to determine the best dates for future meetings.
​Hope to see you all at Southwest VegFest! ​