AZSA Top Moment of 2023 #2:

A New Chapter for AZSA: Welcoming Our Full-Time Team

The Arizona Sustainability Alliance (AZSA) underwent a transformation in 2023 as we went from being a primarily volunteer-run organization to one with a committed full-time staff of eight. This shift is not just a growth in numbers; it’s a leap in our capacity to drive impactful changes in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

Adding full-time staff has been pivotal in AZSA’s journey. Each member brings unique skills and a shared passion for sustainability, significantly enhancing our project implementation and community engagement effectiveness.

Looking ahead to 2024, with our strengthened team, we’re poised to push the boundaries of our work even further. More projects, deeper partnerships, and an unwavering commitment to growing alongside the trees we plant—this is the promise our expanded team brings to AZSA and the communities we serve.