AZSA Top Moment of 2023 #3:

Celebrating Sustainability: AZSA’s 6th Anniversary and ‘Planting Solar’ Premiere

June 2023 was a landmark month for the Arizona Sustainability Alliance (AZSA), marking our 6th anniversary and the successful premiere of our first documentary, “Planting Solar: Agriculture in the Valley.” This event, hosted at the Nina Mason Pulliam Rio Salado Audubon Center, was a testament to our commitment to sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.

The sold-out premiere showcased the story of Maya’s Farm, highlighting the intersection of sustainable practices, clean energy, and the resilience of local agriculture. A vital moment of the evening was the engaging Q&A session featuring Maya Dailey, Tony Pham, and Brenda Thomson, illuminating the challenges and triumphs of sustainable farming in Phoenix.

The overwhelming support from community members, partners, and sponsors like TKMV Studio, AZ Humanities, and Maya’s Farm underscores the collective drive towards a more sustainable future. This event not only celebrated our past achievements but also set the stage for continued advocacy and action in the years to come.