AZSA Top Moment of 2023 #6:

Conservation Invasion 2023

The Conservation Invasion stands out as one of AZSA’s most significant annual events, aligning closely with Earth Day and marking the culmination of our season’s efforts. This year’s event was particularly impactful, involving hundreds of volunteers in activities ranging from tree planting to park cleanups.

We take immense pride in this year’s achievements: planting hundreds of trees and pollinators across the valley and removing thousands of pounds of invasive species and debris from parks and natural spaces. A highlight was our Youth Conservation Workforce students leading the Earth Day tree planting at Fiesta Fields Park in Avondale, AZ.

As we reflect on the past year’s success, we’re already gearing up for the next Conservation Invasion. We invite everyone to join us in making a tangible difference in our environment. We are also open to discussing sponsorship opportunities with those interested in supporting this vital initiative.