2023 #7:

Graduation of the First Cohort from AZYCWD and AZCEWD

2023 marked a landmark year for the Arizona Sustainability Alliance (AZSA) with the graduation of our first cohort from the Arizona Youth Conservation Workforce Development (AZYCWD) and Arizona Clean Energy Workforce Development (AZCEWD) Programs.

These exceptional students have set the bar high, dedicating early mornings and numerous field trips to understand the intricacies of sustainability and conservation. Their journey, filled with hands-on experiences alongside industry professionals, has been about acquiring knowledge and embodying the spirit of perseverance and commitment to environmental stewardship.

As we celebrate their accomplishments, we also recognize them as the bedrock of our programs. Their success stories are a beacon of inspiration and a testament to the impactful education these programs offer.

For more details on the AZYCWD program, we invite you to explore our detailed PDF, offering insight into the curriculum and experiences that shape our future environmental leaders. Click the button on the left!