2023 #8: Mapping Our Impact: Introducing AZSA’s New GIS Program

In 2023, AZSA took a significant leap forward in environmental stewardship by implementing a new Geographic Information System (GIS). This technological advancement has revolutionized how we track and communicate the impacts of our projects across the valley.

GIS is a powerful tool that combines location data with descriptive information, providing a comprehensive view of our environmental initiatives. It’s not just about where our projects are; it’s about understanding their ongoing impact and interactions within the community.

A critical aspect of this program is the focus on the aftercare of our tree-planting initiatives. Dedicated local maintenance teams, educators, and residents ensure each tree is correctly cared for. Our five-year monitoring plan, feeding data into the GIS, includes thorough check-ins and measurements to ensure each tree’s health and sustainability.

Through this engaging and informative narrative, we aim to showcase how AZSA’s new GIS program is not just a system but a storyteller, narrating the journey of each project and its lasting imprint on the environment and the community.

This funding signifies our unwavering commitment to a sustainable future. Stay tuned as we continue to share our top moments from 2023, and join us in celebrating this new chapter in environmental stewardship.