Planting the First Seed

In 2019, a novel initiative emerged from AZSA’s ideation sessions: Help-A-Farm (HAF). While the name succinctly expressed its core objective, the depth of the project was far-reaching. With its numerous farms, South Phoenix was the ideal platform to cultivate community spirit and sustainability.

Moments that Matter

Across the five farms we’ve collaborated with, each event has been a testament to the community’s unity. Whether it’s a teenager planting their first sapling or a senior citizen sharing farming anecdotes, these events resonate with shared experiences, laughter, and commitment. This spirit has translated to 600 dedicated volunteer hours, ensuring that Phoenix’s farms continue to thrive.

Navigating the Terrain

Our journey, though rewarding, has been filled with learning experiences. Adapting to each farm’s unique needs, ensuring sustainable practices, and fostering an inclusive volunteering environment are challenges we’ve tackled head-on. Through every hurdle, the HAF initiative has solidified its purpose and resolve.

The Future is Green

Our vision for HAF transcends the farms. We aim to weave agricultural awareness into schools, encouraging students to appreciate the food on their plates and the hard work behind it. By intertwining education with hands-on experiences, we hope to nurture a generation that respects and understands the importance of sustainable farming.

Join the Green Brigade

Be the wind beneath our wings. Sign up, contribute, share, and immerse yourself in AZSA’s green revolution. Together, we can sow seeds of change for a brighter, greener Phoenix.

Help-A-Farm Sundays are active from October to April every year. We’ve established a recurring session every first Sunday of the month, with starting times at sunrise for 3 hours of hands-on learning and fun. AZSA provides everything, from snacks to gloves and tools; we simply need you and a smile (and a friend or two!)

Sign up for our next HAF at our events page. If you belong to an employee resource group, alum/student club, or any other team looking to have a bonding morning, reach out to us. We love volunteer groups!