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Join us for the Arizona Sustainability Alliance’s 2023 Sustainability Celebration. It will be an inspiring morning of advancing and celebrating sustainability. The event will feature a delicious breakfast, networking opportunities, a keynote address from American Forests President & CEO Jad Daley, and an engaging discussion facilitated by Arizona Town Hall. The event will occur at the Mesa Convention Center on Wednesday, November 1st, 2023. The funds raised will go towards AZSA’s efforts to develop and implement innovative sustainability approaches throughout the state.

Tree Equity and AZSA’s 2023 Sustainability Celebration

The theme of this year’s Sustainability Celebration is Tree Equity. Trees benefit society, the economy, human health, and the environment, from absorbing carbon dioxide to mitigating extreme heat. However, the widespread lack of tree cover in the Phoenix metropolitan area, especially in disadvantaged communities, has contributed to dangerous levels of urban heat island effect and poor air quality. Millions of trees must be planted to bring about long-lasting, systemic change. Our Sustainability Celebration event is a great place to start if you want to learn more about how Tree Equity can shape your efforts to protect the environment.

American Forests President & CEO Jad Daley

A visionary promoting sustainability. His program development and climate policy expertise shaped American Forests’ mission, fostering diverse partnerships for lasting impact. Jad co-founded the Forest-Climate Working Group and the US Chapter, leading environmental legislation. His influence extends to vital forest programs and multiple conservation boards. Jad’s commitment to sustainability drives positive change. He holds a Bachelor’s from Brown University and a Master’s from Vermont Law School. Attend our Sustainability Celebration to hear Jad Daley’s inspiring ideas for a greener future.

American Forests addresses this inequity by focusing resources in neighborhoods of highest need. It’s our moral imperative to do so, given how many life-saving and quality-of-life benefits trees provide people. It gives a social-equity-focused narrative, goals, and a guide for building understanding, commitment, and action around Tree Equity.

At this year’s Sustainability Celebration, Arizona Town Hall will moderate an interactive discussion with the audience to learn about tree equity, explore how this concept can be integrated into our personal and professional lives, and identify the greatest opportunities to use tree equity to improve our community. The Arizona Town Hall process focuses on bringing diverse perspectives together and creating a consensus report that prioritizes solutions and empowers participants to lead implementation efforts.

Arizona Town Hall is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that educates, engages, connects, and empowers Arizonans to solve critical policy issues. Founded in 1962, Arizona Town Hall is one of Arizona’s most longstanding and trusted non-partisan sources for Arizona policy solutions. National and international groups have recognized and studied the Arizona Town Hall’s unique process, which builds relationships and strengthens communities while providing forums for resolving contentious and complicated issues.

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Our 2023 Sustainability Celebration

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