AZSA’s Tree Planting Event at Orangewood: Bringing Tree Equity to Glendale

Glendale, Arizona (December  19th, 2023)  Arizona Sustainability Alliance (AZSA) partners with ASM and City of Glendale Parks and Recreation Staff to plant 29 trees at Orangewood Park

Arizona Sustainability Alliance (AZSA) successfully organized a tree planting event on Saturday, December 16th, 2023, in a significant stride toward enhancing sustainability in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Collaborating with partners ASM and the City of Glendale Parks and Recreation Staff, AZSA planted 29 trees at Orangewood Park, contributing to its mission of planting over 500 trees by year-end.

The tree planting event marked a crucial effort by AZSA to combat the urban heat island effect, improve air quality, and foster sustainability in the region. With 29 trees planted, this initiative is part of AZSA’s ongoing commitment to creating a greener, healthier community.

Stacy Curtis, the Director of Supply Sustainability for ASM, expressed ASM’s dedication to community engagement, stating, “We want to get more engaged with our community, and participation and engagement with AZSA helps us achieve a couple of our goals, one related to our net-zero 2035 ambitions, and to have an impact within that local community we live and operate in.”

Bill Donato, Director of Programs for AZSA, lauded the partnership with ASM and the City of Glendale, emphasizing the importance of addressing tree coverage in the region. He stated, “This partnership with ASM and Glendale is fantastic. Glendale has lost a lot of trees over the years, and bringing in opportunities for organizations like ASM to help bring more back to the community is a great start to addressing some of the area’s tree coverage.”

The event showcased the transformative potential of collaborative efforts among environmental organizations, local businesses, and community members, highlighting the positive change that can be achieved when working together to create a more sustainable and verdant future for the 

Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

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