AZSA Releases First Documentary: Planting Solar

Phoenix, Arizona – (July 13th, 2023) The documentary “Planting Solar: Agriculture in the Valley” had a very successful premiere thanks to the efforts of the Arizona Sustainability Alliance, our documentary premiere partner and host, Audubon Southwest, and sponsors, the CBS Compass Foundation, Aniles CPA, and Michele Caporali. The event was held on June 22, 2023, at the Nina Mason Pulliam Rio Salado Audubon Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

The premiere event attracted a sold-out crowd, illustrating the community’s keen interest in sustainable agricultural methods and the tenacity of our nearby farming community. Participants were engrossed in the moving tale of Maya’s Farm, which serves as a testament to environmentally friendly practices and the resiliency of our Community.

One of the highlights of the evening was a thought-provoking Q&A session with Maya Dailey, owner of Maya’s Farm, Tony Pham, director of “Planting Solar,” and Brenda Thomson, executive director of AZ Humanities. The lively discussion shed important light on the difficulties and successes of sustainable agriculture in Phoenix. The Q&A was made possible by the assistance and coordination of AZ Humanities Board Chair Edgar Olivo.

Community members, as well as our esteemed partners and sponsors, showed a great deal of support for the event. The generous support and cooperation of TKMV Studio, AZ Humanities, Maya’s Farm, Amanda Frein, and WE allowed for the completion of this special project. This project and premiere would not have been possible without their contributions, demonstrating their dedication to sustainable practices and community-based projects.

“We are thrilled by the overwhelming response and support for the premiere of ‘Planting Solar,'” said Estevan Bellino, Marketing and Communications Manager at Arizona Sustainability Alliance. “The event provided an opportunity for the community to engage in meaningful discussions about sustainable farming and the future of agriculture. We sincerely thank our partners, sponsors, and the community for their incredible support.”

The “Planting Solar: Agriculture in the Valley” premiere is a significant step in AZSA’s efforts to promote clean renewable energy and sustainable food systems. The film encourages positive change and a greener future for our region by showcasing Maya Dailey’s incredible work and bringing attention to the difficulties faced by the agricultural community.

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Immerse yourself in the inspiring story of Maya’s Farm, a testament to sustainable practices and the resilience of our community. The premiere event promises an evening filled with thought-provoking insights and engaging discussions. Witness the remarkable work done by Maya Dailey, owner of Maya’s Farm, and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and triumphs of sustainable agriculture in Phoenix.
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