Southwest Gas Donates Work Vehicle and $10,000 to the Arizona Sustainability Alliance

Phoenix, AZ (May 16, 2023) – In support of Arizona Sustainability Alliance’s (AZSA) mission to promote sustainable living through action and advocacy, the nonprofit recently received a donation of $10,000 and a retired service truck from Southwest Gas. The leading natural gas and energy provider in the Metro Phoenix area gifted the truck and monetary donation as part of its own ongoing initiative to create a more sustainable future by supporting environmental and beautification projects across its service territories, much like the ones AZSA facilitates. 

Southwest Gas sought out a vehicle that could be used specifically for the requirements and services offered by AZSA. With the help of this gift, AZSA will be able to support the schools, parks, and open spaces that it services in preserving and maintaining spaces within the entire Phoenix metropolitan area.

Orlando Cazarez, Chief Executive Officer of AZSA, expressed his gratitude for the partnership with Southwest Gas, saying, “This partnership with Southwest Gas is essential to us as it allows us to increase our impact on the community. This investment gives us the resources to reach the schools, parks, and public spaces where we perform our tree plantings and interact with our volunteers and partners, along with other members of the community, through all of AZSA’s programs. It enables us to be ready for the 2023 season of conservation and urban forestry events throughout the valley. We are extremely fortunate and grateful for the donation. Thank you, Southwest Gas.”

This donation is a testament to Southwest Gas’s commitment to supporting sustainability efforts in the Phoenix metropolitan area and across its service territories in Arizona, Nevada, and California. AZSA is excited to continue its partnership with Southwest Gas and work towards a more sustainable future for the community.

“At Southwest Gas we are committed to strengthening the communities we serve while providing sustainable energy for life and supporting thriving businesses,” says Laura Nelson, Vice President of Sustainability and Policy at Southwest Gas. “We are continually striving to lead positive change in all of our operations and working with partner organizations, like Arizona Sustainability Alliance, who align with our goal to create positive impact for communities across our service territories. Together, we recognize that sustainability is so much more than caring for our environments, and includes  empowering individuals to be part of improving our communities together.”

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