AZSA Top Moment of 2023 #5:

Driving Sustainability Forward: SouthWest Gas Truck Donation to AZSA

In a significant boost to our mission of promoting sustainable living, the Arizona Sustainability Alliance (AZSA) received an invaluable contribution from SouthWest Gas: a retired service truck and a generous $10,000 donation. This gesture by the leading energy provider in the Metro Phoenix area aligns perfectly with our shared vision of fostering a sustainable future.

Laura Nelson, Vice President of Sustainability and Policy at SouthWest Gas, emphasizes their commitment to strengthening communities while supporting sustainable energy and business growth. This partnership is a testament to that mission.

Donating the service truck is more than just a vehicle; it’s a critical resource that enables us to expand our reach to schools, parks, and public spaces. It empowers us to manage our tree plantings efficiently and engage more effectively with volunteers, partners, and community members. This truck will be instrumental in our efforts as we gear up for the 2023 conservation season and urban forestry events.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to SouthWest Gas for this generous donation and for believing in our cause. Together, we’re driving sustainability forward, one mile at a time.