Arizona Sustainability Alliance Receives Generous Donation from AzBAS to Support Sow It Forward Program

Phoenix, AZ [September 14th, 2023] The Arizona Sustainability Alliance (AZSA) is proud to announce a generous contribution from the Arizona Businesses Advancing Sustainability (AzBAS) in support of our Sow It Forward program. The donation was presented Friday morning (September 8th, 2023) at the Roosevelt School District’s V.H. Lassen Academy of Nutrition and Science.

These funds represent the remainder of AzBAS’s dedicated resources. With this gift, AzBA continues its legacy through AZSA’s Sow It Forward Program. A check was presented at the event along with esteemed representatives from both organizations, members of the Roosevelt School District, and local media. The check presentation ceremony showcased the commitment of AzBAS to ensuring sustainability and environmental education within the community.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to AzBAS for their generous support of our Sow It Forward program,” said Orlando Cazarez, CEO at AZSA. “Their contribution not only strengthens our mission but also demonstrates the power of partnerships in driving positive change.”

The Sow It Forward program, a major educational initiative of AZSA, focuses on engaging K–8 students in sustainable food systems, botany, agrotechnology, water reduction, and composting activities. This program encourages environmental stewardship and empowers the next generation with essential skills and knowledge for a sustainable future.

“We chose AZSA through a competitive process. It was a close, fair, and legitimate choice, and I am glad [AZSA] is receiving this award,” said AzBAS President Dan Osterman, LEED AP. “They are instructing children who may not get the opportunity to gain experience with a lifelong skill: growing food to sustain their lives and the lives of others.” 

This award was donated in honor of Teresa Clark. Teresa was one of the original members of AzBAS and served as president and vice president of the AzBAS board in addition to other roles. She was highly active in the world of sustainability, personally and professionally, with her successes in making plastics more sustainable.

“On behalf of all AzBAS members past and present, Teresa Clark is missed by all. She was truly a pioneer, making the world more sustainable through her innovative and dedicated career.” 

This contribution from AzBAS will further expand the reach of the Sow It Forward program, providing resources, materials, and educational opportunities to even more schools and students in the Roosevelt School District.

For more information about the Sow It Forward program and AZSA’s sustainability initiatives, please visit AZSA’s Sow It Forward program.

About the Arizona Sustainability Alliance (AZSA):

The Mission of the Arizona Sustainability Alliance (AZSA) is to create and support cutting-edge, project-based sustainability solutions in Arizona. AZSA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, non-partisan organization that fosters sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. AZSA empowers Arizonans to work together toward more verdant, equitable, and sustainable communities. We share a deep concern about catastrophic climate change, the future of our planet, and the health and well-being of generations to come. 

About Arizona Businesses Advancing Sustainability (AzBAS):

The original purpose of AzBAS was to inform and empower Arizona businesses and community leaders with practical sustainability best practices, leading to successful economic, environmental, and social outcomes. The organization will close its doors in the first quarter of 2024, primarily due to trying to maintain a quarterly F2F meeting schedule in the middle of COVID-19. Its legacy will continue through initiatives like the generous pledge to AZSA’s “Sow It Forward” program.

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