Are you ready to embark on an educational journey that’s as exciting as it is transformative? Welcome to the Sow It Forward program, where students become growers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and environmental stewards—all in one captivating classroom experience.

What is Sow It Forward?

Sow It Forward is more than just a school program; it’s an immersive farm-to-market adventure that revolutionizes how we think about education and agriculture. Here’s how it works:

Tower Gardens: 

In Sow It Forward, students become urban farmers using aeroponic tower gardens. These innovative systems allow students to cultivate various crops right in their classroom. But what makes tower gardens genuinely remarkable is their sustainability. They use significantly less water and space than traditional gardens, yielding abundant produce

Experiential Learning: 

Beyond the thrill of growing their fruits and vegetables, students delve into a curriculum that bridges various disciplines. Sow It Forward’s curriculum intertwines art, biology, ecology, mathematics, and business skills. This multidisciplinary approach empowers students with holistic knowledge that extends beyond the classroom.

Farmers Markets: 

The program’s culmination is a fun neighborhood farmers market held at the schools. Students grow produce and learn to run a mini-market, complete with customer interactions, sales, and business acumen. It’s a hands-on opportunity for students to apply their newfound skills in the real world.

The Impact of Sow It Forward

The Sow It Forward program isn’t just about growing vegetables and cultivating tomorrow’s leaders. Here’s how it leaves a lasting impact:


Students engage with the entire process, from planting seeds to enjoying the harvest. This process fosters a deeper appreciation for fresh, healthy food and encourages better eating habits.

Community Effects: 

Students learn how our food systems work in the United States. The average meal often travels 1,500 miles before being consumed. Using these tower gardens is the first step in learning how to decrease the impact and miles it takes for us to receive our food.

Scientific Knowledge: 

Sow It Forward introduces students to the fascinating worlds of aeroponics, ecology, and biology. It’s a hands-on science lesson that ignites curiosity and passion.

Sow it Forward AZSA

Entrepreneurial Spirit: 

Running a farmers market teaches students essential business skills like marketing, budgeting, and customer service. It’s an entrepreneurial journey that prepares them for the future.

Environmental Stewardship: 

Learning about sustainable farming methods instills a sense of responsibility for our planet. Sow It Forward promotes eco-friendly practices that make a difference.

Are you a school administrator or educator eager to offer your students an educational experience they’ll cherish forever? Look no further. Sow It Forward is more than a program; it is an exciting journey that helps children develop their potential, inspires them to care about the world, and gives them the tools they will need to succeed.

Sow-It-Forward isn’t just for students. Since beginning the program in 2019, we have implemented a teacher training program where teachers receive personal development credit from AZSA staff. This training increases the educator’s knowledge and prepares them for using similarly designed lessons in their classrooms.

Preserving the Spirit of Sustainability

We’re thrilled to share some remarkable news about our Sustainable Food Systems program, Sow It Forward. Arizona Businesses Advancing Sustainability (AzBAS) has pledged a substantial $30,000 donation to bolster youth education in sustainable food systems. This generous contribution is a testament to AzBAS’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and honors the legacy of Teresa Clark, a founding member. It signifies a turning point for the “Sow It Forward” program, ensuring that students, especially in the Roosevelt School District, receive the essential life skills and knowledge needed to champion sustainability within their communities.

Empowering the Next Generation

AzBAS’s support amplifies our mission of nurturing sustainability advocates and fostering lasting environmental stewardship. This donation paves the way for students to delve into the fascinating world of sustainable food systems, instilling in them the confidence to cultivate change within their communities and beyond. Through hands-on education and invaluable life skills, we’re sowing the seeds of sustainability, one student at a time.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how our professional program managers and coordinators can help your school become a part of the Sow It Forward movement. We can cultivate a brighter future, one tower garden at a time.

Join Sow It Forward and watch your students flourish as they become the leaders of tomorrow!